Cu Chi Tunnels
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Ben Dinh Tunnels

Lying by the Saigon River and used to be a US army base, Ben Dinh Tunnels was perfect shelter for Vietnamese fighting against enemy during the war. They could easily escape to the river or make surprise attacks and set booby traps in the jungle region.

A map and simplified models of the tunnels system is displayed at the beginning. A short documentary is followed by introducing the tunnels building at Cu Chi district during the wartime. You will be amazed when seeing the ventilation system, bamboo pipes and disguised as termites mounds on the surface, and booby traps with iron spike, a protection to ventilation.

You can get into the underground tunnels through a small door, usually covered with leaves. You either get out through the same door or at another door in a few meters away. Underneath you will walk or crawl through small tunnels and dugouts where the Vietnamese soldiers used to live, work, make weapons. Even bigger meeting rooms and surgery rooms can be explored. There’re also water well, kitchen, Hoang Cam stove, food & weapon storage underneath. 

There’re exhibits including tank body, bomb craters, tunnel entrance in actual size and booby traps. You will be invited a special dish and tea at the end of the journey. Cassava with peanut salt and panda leaves tea, which are the staple food for Vietnamese soldiers to survive for years underground.